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"I had the pleasure to work with Nicole at The Recover Clinic, a London based clinic that specialises in the treatment of sufferers of eating disorders and Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). Nicole is a very gifted and talented Nutrition Therapist. She has a warm, gentle, open approach and manner and a way of working with clients that makes them feel safe, listened to and really heard. Her knowledge of the needs of sufferers of eating disorders and her approach that focusses on intuitive eating, have been an asset to our treatment programme at The Recover Clinic. Nicole has experience of and values working alongside psychotherapists in order to approach her clients needs in a holistic way. I have no reservation in recommending Nicole whatsoever and I refer private clients to her for Skype consultations."

Eva (Psychotherapist & Clinical Director)

London, England

"Nicole is a consummate professional. Not only are her knowledge base and experience vast, but she also thrives in developing positive and healthy relationships with her clients. This allows for a deeper and more thorough understanding of their individual needs and desires that leads to an accurate and meaningful plan. The rapport that is built in this process is demonstrative of Nicole's warmth and empathic nature which I've witnessed results in lasting changes for her clients. She is reliable, intelligent, and masterful in her delivery of care."

Owen (Clinical Psychologist & Program Director)

Rosemead, CA

“I am grateful to have Nicole Al-Shafie as part of my treatment team. She is personable, professional, positive, and progressive. Nicole adapts to my needs and concerns. She gently nudges me in a forward direction all the while proving ample support and encouragement. I have no doubts about Nicole's level of expertise and knowledge. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone, especially those struggling with an eating disorder. Two thumbs up!"

Sarah (Previous Client)

Pasadena, CA

"Nicole Al-Shafie has been an outstanding nutritional counselor for our teenage daughter, and a valued professional contributor to our daughter's treatment team. Additionally, she has been sensitive and caring along the way and has been an excellent communicator with us as parents and with others on our daughter's professional treatment team. I recommend Nicole Al-Shafie highly and without reservation."

Jacob (Father of Previous Client)

Los Angeles, CA

"I sought Nicole's help with intuitive eating during 2013. I had always been a normal weight, active person, but dissatisfied and thinking since age 12 that losing weight would make me happier. I worked with Nicole for about 4 months on a weekly basis. She helped me to break free from decades of dieting/weight loss mentality. I stopped counting calories and weighing myself. Instead, she taught me to pay attention to my hunger, satisfaction, and energy levels. Without giving me a strict meal plan, she gave me ideas for balanced, fulfilling meals and snacks based on what I liked to eat. I learned to eat more throughout the day so I wouldn't end up binging. To my surprise, the less control I tried to exert over my intake, exercise and weight, the easier it became to feel stable and healthy. Before working with Nicole, it had been years since I had been able to "skip" a workout or order what I wanted at a restaurant without guilt and anxiety. She helped me give myself permission to respect my body. Nicole is an excellent listener with good clinical judgment. She gave me very sound advice that was both firm and compassionate. I am pleased to report that I have not gone back to dieting since working with her."

Judy (Previous Client)

Santa Monica, CA

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