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Initial Nutrition Assessment

I provide a comprehensive nutrition assessment for first time clients. This includes exploration and discussion of one's food intake, eating patterns, as well as medical, family and weight history. This is to gain a thorough understanding of the individual, as well as what he/she is interested in achieving from Nutrition Therapy. Plans or goals will be established and tailored to meet the client's needs. Nutrition Assessments are primarily offered in person, however video conferencing is also available for clients living outside Los Angeles.

Personal Nutrition Counseling

Personal nutrition counseling is a follow up to the nutrition assessment and can be ongoing; either weekly, biweekly or monthly. The sessions are offered in person, via phone or video conference. The focus is on evaluating progress towards goals and working through or reflecting on any roadblocks. Additionally, the session covers the discussion of food intake, physical symptoms, digestion, hunger levels, energy, review of lab reports, sleep patterns, medications and possible side effects, and ultimately, what's on the client's mind about food, nutrition and their body.

Mindful Meals: Restaurant, Take-Out or Picnic Outings

Do you have difficulty trying new things on your own or abstain from facing foods that cause anxiety or guilt? Do you find yourself eating emotionally or not enough in social situations? If so, this can be an extremely useful service for you. Think of it as your own personal mindful eating lesson at your favorite restaurant, a restaurant you'd really like to try, or even with take-out or a home cooked meal. We can have a lovely meal together, with intention, in whatever setting you’d like.

Guided Grocery or Farmer's Market Shopping

This service can be immensely useful for those that find a trip to the grocery store or the thought of perusing a local farmer's market overwhelming, confusing or cumbersome. It also may be beneficial for those that feel like they could use some fresh ideas or guidance. I'm happy to support clients that are interested in a bespoke food shopping experience. I can provide guidance and suggestions to purchase new foods and ingredients or clarify confusing nutrition marketing messages while walking the aisles.

In Home Cooking Sessions

If the idea of stepping into the kitchen is daunting or intimidating, I offer in home cooking sessions to bridge the gap between intention and action and ease the anxiety that may come with meal planning and prep. We can make a plan to throw something together from semi prepared foods to make a delicious, simple meal or we can plan an exotic dish to make from scratch.

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